Director of operations

Director - Asset ManagementCecile Chrone is the Director of operations of Capwood. As such, she is responsible for managing Capwood’s operations, and participates in Capwood’s portfolio value creation.

Mrs Chrone has 10 years of experience in business development and management. Previously, Mrs. Chrone was managing her own company Blossom Studio.


Originally Cécile Chroné is a Chemical Engineer, whose passions have been fitness and healthy eating since 1999.

She was confident enough to follow her passion and start her own business Blossom Studio, a wellness and fitness center in Montreal, in 2005. During this experience, she designed a business model, implemented it and dealt with accounting and all the aspects of business operations and development. She managed a staff of 15 employees. She has developed, thanks to her education and entrepreneurial experience, strong adaptability and fast learning skills. She is also creative to find solutions, persistent and multi-skilled.

Since she joined Capwood Advisors, she has been working on developing administration, reporting, property management and commercial project development.

Cecile Chrone, Director – Asset Management
514-866-9111 ext. 222

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