Le QG (previously Place Bel-Rive)

Address: 84 Industriel Boulevard, Repentigny, QC
Property type: neighborhood retail strip
Availability: 1,000 to 9,000 sq. ft. (7,000 sq. ft. to be built).
Website: www.leQGrepentigny.ca

: for the past 20 years, the business owners of 84 Industriel, have established strong and warm relations with their customers. They can find a wide variety of authentic food products (butcher, bakery), a SAQ which is open until 10 PM, and the Chamard market very well know for his great variety of beers. They can also find a SuperClub Videotron, a flower shop, a hair salon and a dental clinic.

Context: very well-functionning neighborhoud mall, with original tenants who have operated here for the past 20 years, located at the exit of highway 40 where 78,000 cars pass everyday, next to a high density residential area and a commercial and office area.

Local à louer Place Bel-Rive, 84 Industriel Repentigny

Development concept: by October 2016, Place Bel-Rive will be renovated using an indoor market type concept that will create a synergy among the existing and the new shopkeepers. Customers will find a great variety of specialty, quality products and services. There will be an addition of a 7,000 sq.ft. building constructed on adjacent land located at the corner of Iberville.

For more information, please contact us :

Denis Epoh
514-866-9111 ext. 224

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