Capwood offers the following services in the area of acquisitions: Research of acquisition opportunities, Relations with market players and management of network, Financial and subscription engineering, Transaction management and contract negotiation, Diligent verification, Project capitalization and research regarding financing, Analysis and evaluation of markets (identification of opportunities and challenges, as well as strategic scenarios necessary…

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Capwood evaluates investment opportunities in the North American real estate market and more particularly in the Quebec region for the account of its investors. The Capwood investment strategy is based on acquisition and development of real estate assets, the repositioning of undervalued properties, with the objectives of value creation, asset and portfolio management, construction and…

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Capwood offers the following services in the area of real estate development: Research of development opportunities, Optimization of the development potential of sites held, Operations planning and budget management, Execution, supervision and coordination of the development projects, Interface and relations with the various levels of government.

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Portfolio & Asset Management

Capwood offers the following services related to real estate asset and portfolio management: Asset Management Execution of the program for asset performance optimization and the business plan, Follow-up of asset and budget performance, Management of contracts and agreements, Follow-up of development sites and expenditures, Follow-up of rental and building management operations, Arrangements (Disposal options and…

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Property Management & Leasing

Capwood has put the following elements in place for effectively managing its housing stock for its own account and that of its investors: Rigorous control of expenses and effective financial management, Value creation by means of repositioning and optimizing  underused and underperforming assets or even development of surplus land, High occupancy rate due to our…

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