Capwood offers the following services in the area of acquisitions:

  • Research of acquisition opportunities,
  • Relations with market players and management of network,
  • Financial and subscription engineering,
  • Transaction management and contract negotiation,
  • Diligent verification,
  • Project capitalization and research regarding financing,
  • Analysis and evaluation of markets (identification of opportunities and challenges, as well as strategic scenarios necessary for strategic planning).


  • Our target markets – upmarket and mid-market properties generating revenue in the primary and secondary markets in eastern Canada.
  • Geographical diversification – at this time Capwood focuses on the Quebec region.
  • Substantial base of tenants with long-term leases – Priority is given to acquisition of assets with long-term leases or a high occupancy rate or quality tenants having excellent credit, including public or national companies.
  • Limited capital expenses – Assets acquired must be in good or excellent condition, with little or no repairs to be made in the short or medium term.

If you are the owner of one or more buildings and you wish to dispose of them, please contact Denis Epoh at 514-866-9111, extension 224 or at

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